Making the Pattern for Elsa Frozen Fever

Elsa Frozen Fever Progress Update

I’ve been making the pattern for Elsa Frozen Fever dress for Princess Baby since that’s what she wants for Halloween. She’s also a skinny minnie and doesn’t fit the commercial patterns. 

Here is the dress she wants as a reminder: 

Elsa Frozen Fever Dress

You can get more detail on the progress of building this costume on my Patreon site

Making the Pattern for Elsa Frozen Fever

Below is the muslin I made and then fit to Princess Baby. I marked it with sharpie during the fitting and took it apart to redraft and true it. I used interlining instead of brown paper for pattern making. It’s durable, soft, can be ironed easily and takes pencil, pen, marker and tracing paper easily. It also stores easily in large envelopes for pattern filing. (And it’s cheap!)

Muslin for Elsa Frozen Fever Dress

This is the redrawn pattern piece with the over corset marked signified by the arched line going across the chest. 

Final bodice pattern for Elsa Frozen Fever

Little bodies that are still basically a straight cylinder (no curves) you can get away with this. When I go to cut the fashion fabric, I will trace the pattern onto the fabric (wrong side!) to cut instead of cutting through my pattern. I trace a lot to preserve patterns. Preserved patterns are also easier to resell if you decide to destash in the future. All you need is a well working tracing wheel and the disappearing tracing paper of your choice. 

Sewing and Planning

The under bodice is going to be sewn to the skirt in the usual manner, and will be darted in the back near the shoulder blades. The over corset piece will not be darted and will snap onto the under bodice along with the cape. This assures no costume shifting but also easier care for the costume between wearings. Gotta plan for messy five year olds.  A little planning and prep make creating and building costumes for kids easier. You should think through the activities they will be engaged in while wearing the costume. Kids tend to be more active than adults while wearing costumes so make sure they can walk freely and move around. Modesty is also a consideration. For example, I’m not putting in the front thigh split in the skirt for this costume, and the neckline is a bit higher than I’d make for myself. 

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Love My New Sewing Machine

I used my #HusqvarnaViking #Topaz40 to sew decorative satin stitch on the hem of a skirt I made for Princess Baby. Isn’t it pretty?? Just select the stitch, the stitch width and length, then position your item under the foot and stitch away. Voila!! Easy Peasy!!


Decorative stitch on skirt hem

I can’t wait to use all of the other features of this machine on my upcoming sewing projects!

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Here’s a sneak peek of one of the costumes I’ll be building over the next few months! 

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