Making the Pattern for Elsa Frozen Fever

Elsa Frozen Fever Progress Update

I’ve been making the pattern for Elsa Frozen Fever dress for Princess Baby since that’s what she wants for Halloween. She’s also a skinny minnie and doesn’t fit the commercial patterns. 

Here is the dress she wants as a reminder: 

Elsa Frozen Fever Dress

You can get more detail on the progress of building this costume on my Patreon site

Making the Pattern for Elsa Frozen Fever

Below is the muslin I made and then fit to Princess Baby. I marked it with sharpie during the fitting and took it apart to redraft and true it. I used interlining instead of brown paper for pattern making. It’s durable, soft, can be ironed easily and takes pencil, pen, marker and tracing paper easily. It also stores easily in large envelopes for pattern filing. (And it’s cheap!)

Muslin for Elsa Frozen Fever Dress

This is the redrawn pattern piece with the over corset marked signified by the arched line going across the chest. 

Final bodice pattern for Elsa Frozen Fever

Little bodies that are still basically a straight cylinder (no curves) you can get away with this. When I go to cut the fashion fabric, I will trace the pattern onto the fabric (wrong side!) to cut instead of cutting through my pattern. I trace a lot to preserve patterns. Preserved patterns are also easier to resell if you decide to destash in the future. All you need is a well working tracing wheel and the disappearing tracing paper of your choice. 

Sewing and Planning

The under bodice is going to be sewn to the skirt in the usual manner, and will be darted in the back near the shoulder blades. The over corset piece will not be darted and will snap onto the under bodice along with the cape. This assures no costume shifting but also easier care for the costume between wearings. Gotta plan for messy five year olds.  A little planning and prep make creating and building costumes for kids easier. You should think through the activities they will be engaged in while wearing the costume. Kids tend to be more active than adults while wearing costumes so make sure they can walk freely and move around. Modesty is also a consideration. For example, I’m not putting in the front thigh split in the skirt for this costume, and the neckline is a bit higher than I’d make for myself. 

If you’d like to learn to sew, learn to pattern or just follow my costume building and sewing in more detail, I regularly post on my Patreon page. Get access to free tutorials and other sewing goodness when you choose to sponsor me there. Check it out! (Or you can just follow me for free and get access to my public posts there). 


Love My New Sewing Machine

I used my #HusqvarnaViking #Topaz40 to sew decorative satin stitch on the hem of a skirt I made for Princess Baby. Isn’t it pretty?? Just select the stitch, the stitch width and length, then position your item under the foot and stitch away. Voila!! Easy Peasy!!



Decorative stitch on skirt hem

I can’t wait to use all of the other features of this machine on my upcoming sewing projects!

You can see more detailed posts about my sewing and costume projects at my Patreon account:

Support My Creativity on Patreon!

Support My Creativity on Patreon and get Exclusive Access Behind the Scenes! 

My Creative Groove is back and I’m gearing up for some costume builds for the Fall. I don’t just build for Halloween. We’ve got other events to attend in costume. I have some cool costumes to build these next months, among some other sewing projects, as well as making my first embroidery project with my brand new machine! You can help support my creativity on Patreon

For as little as $1 a month, you can help me to continue to expand my creative work and focus on it full time while being at home. Through Patreon, I can let you in on the secrets into my thought process with sewing and costuming. I will be sharing my problem-solving, and behind the scenes views of costume building, eventually expanding into offering e-courses online. As a Patreon sponsor, you also get video tutorials, PDF tutorials, special exclusive access behind the scenes, and technical sewing skill help that will you get the best result! There are several sponsorship tiers to choose from. The full descriptions of each are on my Patreon page.

Here’s a sneak peek of one of the costumes I’ll be building over the next few months! 

Elsa Frozen Fever Dress Support My Creativity on Patreon



Here’s a Deal!

So here’s a deal I’m hoping most of you with kids under 10 won’t be able to pass up! 💖💝💖

I just found out today that if you sign up and create a Mac and Mia account, even without requesting a box, you can then share another link to gain referrals. Every time one of YOUR friends or family signs up with the referral link and requests a box, they GET $20 for one time use on purchases from their first box and YOU get $20.

There is NO cap on how many times you can earn the $20. They just have to be a NEW customer. So you could effectively earn enough credits to pay for an entire box of clothes! 👗👕👖🧦🕶️👘👚👛👒🧢

Oh, and did I mention that if you keep the ENTIRE box of 8-10 items you get a 15% discount. 🍀🍀🍀

Here is the link to sign up and create YOUR account:
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Everyone on my friend’s list is always talking about supporting moms with small businesses and working from home. Well, here’s your chance.

I love curating boxes of clothes for your kids. It’s really fun for me and I hope that you will support my newest stream of income. Thanks for reading!!

Collage of Kid

Bright colors, cool summer fashion from Mac and Mia

Independence Day Kid Fashion!

Get ready for July 4 with cute and fresh fashion for your kids! I curate and style personalized clothing boxes for your child, delivered to your door! Please take a moment to check it out. If itโ€™s not for you, please feel free to share my link and send referrals my way. Iโ€™m loving that this in line with my passion for fashion and costumes!

Sign up, request a box and get $20 to spend on your first box’s items

Shine like a star in this star printed romper!

Red and white stripes and a blue bow? Patriotic! 

Rock out your star style in this star tee! 


Personal Styling for Kids

I got a new job doing personal styling for kids!! I’m so very excited about it!

As an entrepreneur I’m always looking for ways to increase my income streams that align with my passions: fashion, costumes, and accessories. 

Well I found one! After a few months of receiving amazing boxes of curated clothes for Inara, I was hired to be a Stylist for Mac and Mia. I started yesterday and have been enjoying getting to know their inventory. They have cute clothing and accessories for both boys and girls from birth to 10 years old. 

Every time Inara receives a box she has to try everything on and give us a fashion show. Then we choose what we want to keep and send the rest back. They always provide a labelled shipping envelope. You only pay for what you keep. The best part? I don’t have to drag my kid into a million mall stores and their dressing rooms to have her try things on. It’s now super fun since she sees the box as a treat! Also, it saves me so much time and energy. With my arthritis it is so much easier to ‘shop’ at home. It’s also super convenient and working with our stylist (before I became one) was really fun since she listened to what we wanted. 

Would you like to try a box? Use my link to sign up and request a box. You’ll pay a $20 styling fee that will be applied to anything you keep from the box. You’ll also get a $20 credit to your account to apply to anything you keep from your first box! 

You’ll also get personal attention from me for your little. ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s a win for everyone right? 


Pink tutu from Mac and Mia

Sewing Basics Email Course!

Reboot!! The Sewing Basics Email Course is coming this week!! I’m FINALLY getting my new 10 day Sewing Basics email course finalized and tweaked. I’m hyper focused on it the next few days so it will be ready to go this week!


Sewing Basics Email Course

Beginner’s Guide to Sewing Basics


Want to be notified of enrollment when it’s ready to go? 
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Been sewing a year or less and don’t have all your i’s dotted and your t’s crossed? Join us!
Of course all are welcome regardless of sewing skill!
Subscribe to my Talk Sewing To Me email list and get course announcements, Tips and Tricks, book recommendations and more – plus a notice as soon as this new FREE course is available! 
P.S. I never sell or share your contact information! 

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Subscribe to my Talk Sewing to Me email list and get lots of fun sewing ‘stuff’.

When you subscribe to my Talk Sewing to Me email list, the first thing you’ll get is my FREE Build Your Sewing Toolkit Shopping list – a comprehensive list with information, tips and links for reference and easy shopping. Save it to your phone or print it for convenience! No more guess work while shopping for sewing tools.

What else do you get?

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Talk Sewing to Me

Beginner’s Guide to Sewing Basics Course Coming Soon!

Want to learn to sew? Then keep on reading!!

I’m so excited to announce the next piece in my new e-learning business RebelGhirl Costuming.

Beginner's Guide to Sewing Basics Course

Beginner’s Guide to Sewing Basics

Coming before Christmas, a Free 10 lesson sewing basics course. Email based. Self paced. ๐Ÿ™‚ Complete each lesson on your own time, at your own pace. Join the Talk Sewing to Me Discussion Forums for extra support and expertise from me and in a community of other sewists of all levels!

Sign up here to be notified by email when it goes LIVE!!

Talk Sewing to Me Discussion Boards Now LIVE!!!

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I am so excited!! Charter Memberships to my VIP discussion boards for all levels of home sewers and those wanting to go Pro are available now!

I’m a professionally trained Costume Designer with a degree in Fashion Design. I worked in Film/TV and Theater, plus did some commercial work from 2005-2015. (You can check out some of my credits atย Dryden). I’m home with my four year old now, AND I have autoimmune arthritis so I doubt I will get to go back to working on film sets…15 hours days can be really physical!

I love to sew and design and make patterns and drape! I have a passion for it and it is my vocation to create using fabric. And now I want to teach others and share my passion! What’s better than using the online community to share knowledge and skills? Since I was an Instructional Designer before getting my Fashion degree, I’m now taking all those skills and melding them into a new business. This is just the beginning. Coming soon I’ll be offering self-paced email based courses on sewing, and also paid courses. But first up, I’ve created a community to learn about sewing that is OFF Facebook!

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Two Levels of Access:

Special Charter Membership VIP pricing for a limited time only: Get 12 months of access for the cost of 10 months!

Two levels of access based on your needs and goals: 
Costume/Cosplay and Home Sewers: $50 for 12 months of access, normally $60. You get TWO months free. Annual renewals get a $5 discount if left on automatic renewal. (12 months for cost of 11.) This is what it means when it says $55 every 12 months for 2 more payments (years). But I will probably extend discounts ongoing as long as Charter Members keep their account on auto renew.

Costumers/Sewers wanting to pursue a Professional path to Film/TV or who are already there working their way up the ladder: $60 for 12 months of access, normally $72. You get two months free. Annual renewal with a $6 discount if left on automatic (12 months for cost of 11.)

I also offer a non-discounted auto billed recurring monthly membership as well for a very low cost. You can use this option to become a Charter Member until December 31, 2017 and receive all the charter benefits. 

You may cancel or change plans anytime starting in January 2018 but you will lose Charter prices and benefits. Choose wisely!!! 

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**Costume/Cosplay and Home Sewers get access to the following discussion boards: 
~ Welcome
~ From Scratch: Sewing Basics
~ Cosplay/Costuming: Beyond the basics. Sewing and crafting for cosplay and costumes. Research, resources, advice and chatter.
~ The Historian: Historical fashion sewing. Research, resources, historic techniques, advice, pattern reviews and chatter. 
~ The Fashionista: Sewing and patterning for your personal and family’s wardrobe. 
~ The Couturier: Advanced sewing techniques the pros use for beautifully finished garments
~ The Tailor: Tailoring for menswear, womenswear and children’s wear. 
~ The Studio: Sewing techniques, hand stitching, fabrics, patterns, tools, and machines.
~ Materials and Resource shopping: Online, brick and mortar shops for fabric, notions, tools, equipment, machines, furniture, etc. 
~ Sewing Books Reviews & Discussion
~ The Bragging Place: Share your completed works and photos so we can tell you how awesome it is!!

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**Pros will get access to all of the above +: 
~The Pros: Costume Design discussion board for those entering media jobs. Job roles and descriptions, unions, indies vs. union work, how to put together a kit and more.
~ Pro Job Board + Networking: Sites, resources for jobs, how to network with the pros, how to present your resume, how to join the union, ins and outs of the industry

More Topic Categories added to both levels as we grow!

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Charter Membership has it privileges!! 
**You also get ME and my Knowledge and Expertise and Personal Attention to your questions in the Forums. This is an Exclusive Benefit to joining the forums and it will be the ONLY place (outside of e-courses) where I will answer detailed sewing questions and help you problem-solve on your projects, and assist aspiring Pro Costumers with questions and concerns.
**Freebies, goodies, patterns, projects, crafts, props, annual renewal discounts in an ever growing forum. 
** A Charter Members access only discussion forum.

**Charter Members – you are my crowdfunding to help expand functionality and purchase better hosting for my growing site. In the very near future I will be offering Paid ECourses (Charter Members get a discount ) and will need a Dedicated Server (cha ching!!), and also will be improving the Discussion Boards, and getting a professional logo done. There will also be Free Course offerings too.

YOUR membership helps me do that so I can offer a professional service to YOU.

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