I’m Jennifer, owner of Rebelghirl Costuming and Talk Sewing to Me. I teach people how to sew via online mediums including email, webinars, workshop and e-learning courses. I am a professionally trained Fashion Designer and Costume Designer. I have a degree in Fashion Design as well as a degree in Education. My work experience spans both Corporate e-Learning as an Instructional Designer with over 20+ years experience, and the Theater/Moving Media industries as a Seamstress, Costume Designer, and Stylist with over 12 years’ experience. I started as a Cosplayer back in 2002 when I bought a Sewing for Dummies book, a machine and my first pattern and made a Princess Leia costume to wear to a charity event. The rest is history!! The point is, if you really want to learn, you can!! And I’ll be there to teach you and guide you. 

Creating with fabric and sharing how to do that really is my passion and my vocation.