Here’s a Deal!

So here’s a deal I’m hoping most of you with kids under 10 won’t be able to pass up! 💖💝💖

I just found out today that if you sign up and create a Mac and Mia account, even without requesting a box, you can then share another link to gain referrals. Every time one of YOUR friends or family signs up with the referral link and requests a box, they GET $20 for one time use on purchases from their first box and YOU get $20.

There is NO cap on how many times you can earn the $20. They just have to be a NEW customer. So you could effectively earn enough credits to pay for an entire box of clothes! 👗👕👖🧦🕶️👘👚👛👒🧢

Oh, and did I mention that if you keep the ENTIRE box of 8-10 items you get a 15% discount. 🍀🍀🍀

Here is the link to sign up and create YOUR account:
Do this first so you can create an account. You do NOT have to request a box right now. You will not be charged anything!

Here is the link to share with friends and family AFTER you create an account so you get credit for them signing up:

Everyone on my friend’s list is always talking about supporting moms with small businesses and working from home. Well, here’s your chance.

I love curating boxes of clothes for your kids. It’s really fun for me and I hope that you will support my newest stream of income. Thanks for reading!!

Collage of Kid

Bright colors, cool summer fashion from Mac and Mia

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