Talk Sewing to Me Discussion Boards Coming Soon!

Talk Sewing to Me Discussion Boards are going live soon! I am so excited!!

Charter Memberships to Talk Sewing to Me Discussion Boards for all levels of home sewers and those wanting to go Pro will be available before Turkey Day! I’m sharing this now so you can plan and budget to join!!

Special pricing for a limited time only: Get 12 months of access for the cost of 10 months! Two levels of access based on your needs and goals.

Costume and Home Sewers: $50 for 12 months of access, normally $60 at the Charter rate. You get TWO months free. Annual renewals get a $5 discount if left on automatic renewal. (12 months for cost of 11.)

Costumers/Sewers wanting to pursue a Professional path to Film/TV or who are already there working their way up the ladder: $60 for 12 months of access, normally $72. You get two months free. Annual renewal with a $6 discount if left on automatic (12 months for cost of 11.)

You may cancel or change plans anytime starting in January 2018 but you will lose Charter prices and benefits. Choose wisely!!! 🙂

Talk Sewing to Me Discussion Boards


Talk Sewing to Me Discussion Boards contain the following topics so far:

~Home Sewers get access to the following~

~ Welcome
~ From Scratch: Sewing Basics
~ Cosplay/Costuming: Beyond the basics. Sewing and crafting for cosplay and costumes. Research, resources, advice and chatter.
~ The Fashionista: Sewing and patterning for your personal and family’s wardrobe.
~ The Couturier: Advanced sewing techniques the pros use for beautifully finished garments
~ The Tailor: Tailoring for menswear, womenswear and children’s wear.
~ The Studio: Sewing techniques, hand stitching, fabrics, patterns, tools, and machines.
~ Materials and Resource shopping: Online, brick and mortar shops for fabric, notions, tools, equipment, machines, furniture, etc.
~ Sewing Books Reviews & Discussion
~ The Bragging Place: Share your completed works and photos so we can tell you how awesome it is!!

~Pros will get access to all of the above + ~

~The Pros: Costume Design discussion board for those entering media jobs. Job roles and descriptions, unions, indies vs. union work, how to put together a kit and more.
~ Pro Job Board + Networking: Sites, resources for jobs, how to network with the pros, how to present your resume, how to join the union, ins and outs of the industry.

More Topic Categories added the Talk Sewing to Me Discussion Boards as we grow!

More Benefits:

**You also get ME and my Knowledge and Expertise and Personal Attention to your questions in the Forums. This is an Exclusive Benefit to joining the forums and it will be the ONLY place (outside of e-courses) where I will answer detailed sewing questions and help you problem-solve on your projects, and assist aspiring Pro Costumers with questions and concerns. If you’d like to learn a little bit more about me go here!  You may contact me here

Thank YOU for joining me on this adventure!

**Charter Members – you are my crowdfunding to help expand functionality and purchase better hosting for my growing site. I will be offering Paid Courses (Charter Members get a discount ) and will need a Dedicated Server (cha ching!!), and also will be improving the Discussion Boards, and getting a professional logo done.

YOUR Talk Sewing to Me Discussion Boards membership helps me do that so I can offer a professional service to YOU.
If you would like to be notified when Charter Memberships go LIVE, please opt in by going to the link below. If you have already signed up this week to be notified – YOU are on the list!!! 😉

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