All of my best content, tutorials, videos, patterns and freebies are on Patreon. 

“Why Patreon?” This platform lets me develop my tutorials and e-courses at a much more affordable cost with low tech effort than on a personal website. 

YOUR SUPPORT will allow me to focus on showing more of my process, create tutorials, and even discuss it with you and answer your questions directly. With enough support, I will be able to return to the convention circuit and costume competitions, as well as take additional courses to expand my skill set into areas such as embroidery, beadwork, more advanced draping pattern making and other enriching educational events.  All the things I learn I will apply to future projects share here in all their glorious detail. 

All this in addition to some pretty cool discounts and special deals you can use in my Etsy shop that will only be available to my patrons.

On a more personal level, your support will allow me to do the creative things I love while managing my schedule and work to account for my invisible illness: autoimmune arthritis. My health is of utmost importance and reducing stress is key. The gift of being able to do the things I love while generating an income sharing my knowledge is very precious! 

“How often will I be charged?”
I have it set to a monthly patronage charge. This means that you will get charged once per month. I will do my best to post as much as possible throughout the month. I will try to post at very least once per week, but I would ideally like to post multiple times per week.